General Uniform Information

  • Uniforms will be assigned during date selected by Choir Director(s).

  • Students will not receive uniform until uniform payment has been received.

  • Uniform payments are made to the BCHS bookstore and receipt given to Director(s).

  • Choir Director(s) cannot receive monies from students.

  • Each student is required to turn in a BCHS Uniform Assignment Acknowledgement form before receiving their uniform.

  • Students are responsible for all alterations, and must be completed before first performance.

  • All uniforms must be cleaned and pressed for each performance.

  • Uniform return date will be announced in April; all uniforms need to be returned dry-cleaned with the student name and dry-cleaning receipt attached.

​Overall Uniform / Appearance Requirements for all choirs during performances:

All:        Natural colored hair, no visible piercings other than ears, no open toe shoes.
Men:     Clean shaven, no cologne, flesh colored fills for gauges.
Women: Hair pulled back away from the face, no accessories, no perfume.