• Shall maintain adequate and correct accounts of the Boosters assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements and all income of any sort derived from the organization from any of its’ activities

  • Will be responsible for the filing of timely income tax returns and all other necessary filings.

  • Will be one of two signatures required on disbursements

  • Shall co-sign with the President all written contracts and statements of financial obligation of the organization as authorized by the membership.

  • Upon expiration of his/her office the treasurer shall transfer all properties of the office to the successor.

  • In the event of a vacancy in the office the president will appoint a new treasurer from the general membership.

  • May be one of the required officer’s signatures to verify cash box balances.

  • Will be responsible for submitting current financial statements to board officers by close of business and three business days prior to any club meeting.

  • Will be responsible for submitting complete reconciled ledger activity for most recent bank statement period, with detailed description and categorization of all activity, by close of business three business days prior to the monthly executive board meeting. 

BC Booster Club

The BC Choir Booster Club is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to raising funds and providing support to Boulder Creek’s choir program so Mr. Douglas, our director, can provide an exceptional choral educational experiences for all choir students.

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