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Each student in the BCHS Choral Department will be challenged to develop his/her abilities to their fullest potential while learning and enjoying quality musical literature and developing personal qualities that grow through our quest for excellence together. 

All students are expected to fully participate and work to the best of their ability toward quality, artistry, and mastery.  Toward the end, expectations of students are explained in this handbook as well as helpful information about extra-curricular opportunities, grading policies and make-up work procedures, and a host of other topics. 

You will find a MUSIC CONTRACT below that has also been inserted into their Choir Handbook at the beginning of the year. The main purpose of this contract is to make certain that both you and your parents have read this handbook and are aware of the responsibilities involved in choir membership at Boulder Creek High School. It also indicates that you have reviewed the accompanying PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE with your parents and have made certain that you will be available or understand responsibility of all the dates indicated and on the online calendar.

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